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2/4/2019 · The Canon EOS RP is among the smallest and lightest full-frame cameras on the market, and is the least expensive full-frame camera at launch, ever. And though its specifications aren’t going to set the world on fire, the RP is a likable little camera with solid JPEG image quality that will be a fine


14/2/2019 · The Canon EOS RP camera follows hot on the heels of last year’s EOS R model, offering full-frame mirrorless tech and 4K video recording at an even more affordable price-point than before. Find out just what the cheapest full-frame mirrorless camera on the market


2/3/2019 · Canon’s first release, the EOS R, was met with mixed emotions, and the fact that the company kicked things off with just one relatively pricey model immediately gave Nikon and Panasonic’s dual-model debuts a little more appeal. Now, with the EOS RP, the


10/3/2019 · The Canon EOS RP’s specifications aren’t exactly exciting, but don’t let that fool you – it’s a likable little camera with engaging controls, good build quality and it produces excellent JPEGs. Of course, the Raw files are noisier and aren’t as malleable as some more contemporary full-frame cameras

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The Compact, well-priced Eos RP Is A Great Entry-Level Full Frame Camera

1/4/2019 · The Canon EOS RP is an entry-level full-frame mirrorless camera with 26 Megapixels, an electronic viewfinder, fully-articulated touchscreen and cropped 4k video. Announced in February 2019, it’s the second body to employ Canon’s RF lens mount, following the original EOS R. The EOS RP


26/4/2019 · Summary Canon’s second full-frame mirrorless camera, the budget EOS RP, is a disappointment. It has potential as a street photography camera thanks to the small size, but is hampered by an inflexible silent-shooting mode. The fully articulating screen could

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14/5/2019 · ⭐️ Best price for the Canon RP: Body only (black): (affiliate) Today I’m going to review the #canon #rp. This is Canon’s entry level full frame mirrorless camera and offers 4k video. I’m going to review the RP

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Canon EOS RP 連 RF 24-105mm f/4L IS USM HK$ 12,390 Canon EOS R Body HK$ 12,030 Sony a6400 Body HK$ 5,860 Sony A7 III 淨機身 HK$ 12,480 人氣項目 最新項目/報價 行貨價格 水貨價格 最平報價 共 20 個報價 格價分類 通訊 攝影 影音 電腦 家居 生活


Canon EOS RP Build and Handling It was very interesting for me to discover that, despite having a smaller body (the RP is 132.5 x 85 x 70mm vs 135.8 x 98.3 x 84.4mm for EOS R) and less “advanced” controls than the EOS R, I actually preferred the ergonomics of

Canon RP has a Canon RF lens mount and currently there are 10 native lenses available for this mount. Canon RP doesn’t have a sensor based image stabilization system but 2 of these lenses already comes with Optical Image

10/4/2019 · For photographers making their first investment in a mirrorless system, the EOS RP is a good choice. While its sensor is the same as the chip used in the two-year-old EOS 6D II, it’s a good enough performer and combining it with the latest DIGIC 8 processor has enabled Canon to extract the best

12/4/2019 · A strong full-frame upgrade for those with older Canon DSLRs or a collections of EF lenses, but the EOS RP’s older sensor and 4K video limitations mean those starting from scratch should consider an older rival like the Sony A7 II or an APS-C alternative like the Fujifilm X-T3. The EOS RP is Canon

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14/2/2019 · The EOS RP now in STOCK w/Free grip & Adapter! The Canon EOS RP redefines entry level full frame cameras with a lower price, compact and lightweight design, & signature Canon quality. Purchase the EOS RP

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20/3/2019 · Canon is trying to go after a new market with its latest full-frame mirrorless camera, the EOS RP ($1,299, body only). It’s the smallest full-frame model to date, and its price is lower than any other digital full-frame, not counting a couple of older models selling at a

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14/2/2019 · Read our Sony A7 III Review Verdict The Canon EOS RP is a very interesting camera. It’s a full-frame model, which makes it attractive to enthusiasts, but it has a pared-back specification that makes it more affordable at launch than any other full-frame camera. In a

25/10/2019 · Canon EOS RP: build and handling Magnesium alloy chassis Dust- and moisture-resistant construction Dual command dials Considering the fact that it houses a full-frame sensor, it’s surprising just how small Canon has managed to make the EOS RP. It’s far

14/2/2019 · Canon’s second offering, the EOS RP, is in essence a smaller, simpler model compared to the EOS R, at a considerably lower price. Indeed at £1400 body-only it has the lowest introductory price of any full-frame mirrorless to date, which naturally makes it one of

28/3/2019 · The Canon EOS RP is the opposite of exciting. It is an inexpensive, full-frame camera that recycles old tech and dumbs down certain features for no practical reason other than to justify the large price gap that exists between it and the higher-end EOS R. And it will sell like hotcakes. At $1,300

14/2/2019 · Canon EOS R review Canon EOS RP review Sony vs. Nikon vs. Canon Full-Frame Having shot both of these cameras I prefer the newer and less expensive Canon EOS RP because it has a real, dedicated mode dial instead of the whacky combined mode and .

6/4/2019 · Canon EOS RP Review – EOS RP Video All of this is unfortunate given that besides these glaring issues, the RP actually looks like it could have been a great video camera. Unlike many other entry-level cameras from across the board, the RP actually features

Canon EOS RP: Specifications While the RP is powered by the new Digic 8 processor, its 26.2MP sensor is almost exactly the same as the one inside the 6D Mark II. It has been redesigned somewhat, to optimise it to work with a mirrorless system and to

The Canon EOS RP cameras used for this review was on loan from Canon USA. Alternatives to the Canon EOS R There are of course a very large number of cameras that can be compared to the EOS RP, but the Canon EOS 6D Mark II is one of the most logical

14/2/2019 · EDITOR’S NOTES: This page was originally published as EOS RP Hands-On First Impressions on 2/13/2019. This piece was based on a one-day press event in New Orleans for which Canon paid our travel & lodging expenses. On 3/19/2019, we updated this page to a Full Review based on a longer, extended loan

1/4/2019 · The Canon EOS RP is the most affordable new full frame camera to date, whether DSLR or mirrorless. Sure, there’s often bargains to be had on older models, like Sony’s frequently discounted A7 II, but in terms of newly-released full-framers, the RP achieves a refreshingly low price at a time when

26/3/2019 · Canon EOS RP Review – We review the 26mp full-frame mirrorless camera from Canon, one of the most affordable FF mirrorless cameras available that can record 4K video. Find out how it performs in our full review

27/2/2019 · Canon 在兩週前發表的 EOS RP 將在今日正式舖貨販售!小編在原廠的協助之下也提前拿到了這台全片幅國民機,EOS RP 的產品定位就是以輕巧、平價為取向,總重僅 485 公克、搭載 26.2MP 全片幅 CMOS、DAF 對焦系統、-5 EV 暗部對焦能力、AI Servo

The Canon EOS-RP Mirrorless Camera was just released, and we had the opportunity to test it at Canon’s press event in New Orleans. In this review, we’ll dive into who this camera is for, give you the pros and cons of the camera, show you some sample images

18/4/2019 · The folks over at Mirrorless Comparison posted a pretty exhaustive comparison between the Canon EOS R and the Canon EOS RP. As far as I know this is the first serious EOS R vs EOS RP comparison review. Most of you likely know that the image sensors of the EOS R and EOS RP are derived form the image

5/4/2019 · p.1 #19 · p.1 #19 · Dpreview review of Canon RP Liv Zeissman wrote: At least they’ve shown decency, beung consistent with similar statements when first Sony A cameras were launched. It appears that “limited lens selection” is not a shortcoming anymore when

5/6/2019 · Youtuber Camerahoarders posted a Canon EOS R vs EOS RP review. Want to know the differences between Canon’s first two full frame mirrorless cameras? Then have a look at the Canon EOS R vs EOS RP video below

Keith Cooper recently acquired the new Canon EOS RP 26MP full frame mirrorless camera, for testing, and as a general purpose backup camera for his work here at Northlight. This review looks at features and a subset of the camera’s functionality – yes, there are

Although Canon’s EOS R was a huge step for the company, it still looked like one of the DSLRs, only there was a madcap layout which included a Touch Bar slider. It left a few Canon fans scratching their well-coiffed heads. The RP is substantially smaller, yet

The Canon EOS RP boasts of a light-weight design, familiar controls and a flip-out touchscreen display. But is it competitive enough to ward off the premium APS-C cameras at its selling price? Find out in our review.

4/3/2019 · Canon EOS RP Image Quality All of the sample images in this review were taken using the 26.2 megapixel Fine JPEG setting, which gives an average image size of around 8Mb. Noise ISO sensitivity can be set between ISO 50 and ISO 102400 in full-stop

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Now that Canon has released its full-frame mirrorless EOS RP camera for just $1300, let’s take a look at how it compares head-to-head against the Canon EOS R. The two cameras actually have a lot of differences under the hood, both minor and major, in everything

(Editor’s Note: You can see 15 additional full resolution test images we shot with the Canon EOS RP here. You can read our review of the Canon EOS R here.) If you’ve been lusting after a full-frame mirrorless camera, but thought you couldn’t afford one, it’s time to

TEST: Canon EOS RP Jan Paul Mioulet, 18 juli 2019 De Canon EOS RP is Canon’s nieuwste full frame spiegelloze systeemcamera. Het is ook de goedkoopste full frame systeemcamera die er op dit moment nieuw verkrijgbaar is. Met de EOS RP breekt Canon

20/3/2019 · With its first model in a new system, Canon has equipped the EOS R with one of its best sensors—and that, together with some very interesting lenses, signals that it’s taking “mirrorless” very seriously. In this review we have compared the Canon EOS R to its